Why We Should Ignore The Multiple Claims Of Sexual Abuse Against Brett Kavanaugh

Please ignore all the claims of sexual abuse & mistreatment against Brett Kavanaugh.

Just for a minute.

Forget all that you've heard about Dr. Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick.

Whether you support Judge Kavanaugh or are disgusted by the whole process, I'm asking you to put aside & disregard the whole sexual abuse aspect of the Kavanaugh hearings.


Just for a minute, please ignore:

-the fact that all three women are being called liars

-the investigation that interviewed none of the women

-that Dr. Ford was cross-examined by a prosecutor but Kavanaugh wasn't & the FBI spoke to neither about this

-that she took a polygraph & had no reason to lie

-that Kavanaugh’s suitemate heard Ramirez's claim

-that a classmate confirmed 'Renate Alumnius' perjury

-that BK's roommate confirmed 'Devil’s Triangle' perjury

-that dozens of others wanted to testify & were ignored

- that BK did not want a comprehensive investigation that could clear his name but she repeatedly asked for one

-the message this sends to young boys and girls alike

Forget all that. Be as indifferent & blind to those facts as Sens. Hatch, Cornyn, Grassley, Lee, Graham and Manchin will one day be when they stand before St. Peter.  Assume it’s all George Soros paying women to put themselves through this.

But do remember:

Judge Kavanaugh lied under oath repeatedly - from warrantless wiretaps; to how & when he learned of the Ramierz allegations; to not receiving emails stolen from Senator Leahy; to not being involved in Judge Pryor's nomination; to the degrading ways he referred to women in his yearbook bio.

Remember that he lied about The Devil's Triangle being a drinking game and the deliberate sexual humiliation of 'Renate Alumnius.'

Keep in mind that he only showed 7% of his gov't records (Kagan had to show 99%). We don't know what his role was in illegal warrantless wiretapping, spying on Americans, torture, invasion & occupation. We paid his salary then, as we do now, as we will for decades to come; but we are not allowed to know what we paid for.

Recall that he was nominated because he's stated that presidents shouldn't be indicted, investigated or subpoenaed (even though he worked on the Clinton impeachment). He's there to protect Trump.

And don't forget that he outed himself as a partisan political operative; his conspiracy theories about the Clintons and the left mean he will be obliged to recuse himself from politically loaded cases. And we can assume he won't.

 Ignore the women; or call them unstable liars. Let's assume you're right.

 These are still the facts:

-Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath.

-Brett Kavanaugh is the least transparent and most partisan nominee in decades.

-Brett Kavanaugh has treated women horribly

-Brett Kavanaugh is a tie-breaking human shield for a president who's an un-indicted co-conspirator in a felony, is currently under investigation and bragged on tape about sexual assault.

Remember that Brett Kavanaugh will only serve on the Supreme Court because of cheating.

 Just like Gorsuch.

 And if you still believe Brett Kavanaugh, please send your wives & daughters to the nearest frat house to play The Devil’s Triangle.


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On-air and on screen: SiriusXM Insight 121 and Fox.

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Bringing intelligence, wit, and humor to News this Fall.


John Fugelsang, comedian and SiriusXM Radio host of the popular comedy/politics talk show Tell Me Everything, will add another gig to his busy schedule: Host of Page Six TV, a new show starting this fall season.  Joining Fugelsang will be a smart and connected panel of cultural and entertainment journalists and insiders. The experts include Bevy Smith from Bravo, Elizabeth Wagmeister from Variety, Carlos Greer from the print version of Page Six and a daily celebrity or comedian guest panelist.